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This site consists of a true life, autobiographical account of a real incarnate holy angel and reincarnated prophet; that of Daniel of the Bible. This is not a personal “belief or opinion” website; this is one of the most profound and important non-fiction stories you will ever read.

Truth is independent of all prejudice, fear, superstition, ulterior motives and ignorance, and is free from falsity, delusion and confusion, for it stands forever. No scripture. guru or priest is my final authority — God is.

The author of this site has found, and has Become, Truth. And the truth shall set you free. Do not yet judge a book by its cover or be too cynical; first take the time to read the story, then you will come to the realization of the magnitude of what you are reading.

It was no coincidence you arrived at this site.

“But you Daniel, go your way to the end, for the words are to remain secret and the book sealed until the time of the end, many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase. But you, go your way to end and rest, you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days.” (Daniel 12)

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October 22, 2010 update.

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Vision of World War Three, spiritual attack, divine protection and more.

In 2007 I had a dream vision of a possible future event. This was an ultra-realistic, vivid vision in full color, and easily remembered to this day.

In the vision I was situated within a military base outside, with barracks nearby and a large number of military trucks and tanks in the background. The vision started with a massive nuclear blast, a huge mushroom cloud about 20 miles away, filling up a large segment of the sky. I observed everyone around me on the base running for cover as the immense shock wave was approaching fast.

People were running to hide behind the barracks for safety in large crowds; it was a total “run-for-your-lives” type of panic. I started to run with some others, in the opposite direction of the blast as I noticed a small cliff or ledge where I hoped I could hide and escape the blast.
Before jumping over onto the lower ledge, I saw multiple small, laser-targeted missiles come from the other direction, swooping down from the sky, impacting and destroying the tanks and military trucks parked on the base, one-by-one.

By now, the shock wave from the powerful yet distant nuclear blast was upon us, I jumped over the cliff onto a ledge to escape. The shock wave then hit with tremendous force and pressure, with dirt and debris billowing over, burying me alive. Continue reading

World War III


During the Cold War we faced the constant specter of nuclear annihilation. It may seem like a safer world now that the U.S.S.R. is history, but the opposite is true. Russia is disorganized and it has socially and economically collapsed , practically being run by the mafia. They are currently in a political crisis which may lead to another strong-arm dictatorship, and will be president Vladimir Putin who will strengthen through August 2000, though there is some who comes after him. It is shockingly following the same path as 1920′s Germany which indicates a new form of nationalism could arise, forming a new military challenge to the U.S. Shortly after Yeltsin’s resignation a new military doctrine was announced lowering the threshold for the first use of nuclear weapons and proclaims Russia’s intention to oppose American domination of the international system. The intention to…

“actively oppose a unipolar world dominated by the United States as part of its effort to strengthen Russia’s position not only in areas near its borders but also around the world and to be willing to use its military toward that end. According to the new doctrine, “the level and scale of threats [to Russia] is growing,” and it is for that reason that Moscow must build up its military forces.”

The post-cold war era is over. Continue reading

Chapter 5: The Nature of the Wings

Since these wings have been present in strong, visible form virtually every day since October 1999, a quite wondrously graphic description can now expansively be constructed, as they have since taken on a far more intense and pliant constituency.

It is through the wings that the light of the spirit (originating from God, through the purified heart of an angel) is transmitted and visible to those capable of seeing, within range of the embodied angel. The shape and size of the wings, while generally congruent at most times, have metamorphosed over time and are very distinct. The color of the incandescent, auratic constitution of the wings as flowing forth is of beautifully exotic, etheric cobalt bluish-white, modulating as it horizontally streams outward like ribbons from the body down to the tips in a fashion similar to a fire or solar prominence, resembling the magical dancing of northern lights (aurora borealis) and somewhat like a river.

They can be altered in thickness and breadth and are malleable, and can be warped in all directions. While it still seems the main portion can extend 30 feet, it appears there is no longer a definite limit or edge that can be discerned, with the exception of the upper ridge. They can be extended to eternity. The lower “feathers” seem to extend many feet from the top arch of the wing, to the middle and upper legs. Their force and visibility are strongest near the shoulders, then weaken gradually, tapering over the remainder of the span. When in public, the author will often make a concerted effort to expand them in an arch straight up, roughly forty-five degrees outward to each side, in a majestic manner like a landing eagle, in order to maximize effective visibility.

The main source from which the force of the Spirit is discharged originates from two boomerang-shaped arches on the back, beginning roughly at a level where the elbow would be located when hanging down, or just above the lower back, one inch to the sides of the spine. This then continues upward in a three-inch-thick channel, curving outward, ultimately terminating where the trapezoid muscle meets the shoulder. This is the general source of the diffusion of spiritual energy and connection of the main portion of the base of the wings.

The under-wing is connected continuously to the outer portion of the upper arm, disconnecting two-thirds of the way down, about three inches from the elbow. Portions of the wing are also connected to the spine portion of the neck, and generally throughout the upper-back region in an indescribable fashion.

This can be determined not only through visible observation by the author (not to mention others), but through actual, physical sensory perception. When the wings are activated (even partially), a profuse tingling sensation can be felt as the energy force flows outward from the body from this boomerang-shaped location, particularly when the clothing is in contact with the skin. The physical sensation in this region is one of prickly, tingling warmth, as though hundreds of needles were gently probing. The actual etheric energy-force streams outward in a oozing, rather slow, plasmatic consistency, and has the sensation of immaculate purity – a crystalline outflowing of the essence of the perfectly elegant existence of the all-encompassing power source of God.

Occasionally there are “spikes” of energy in the form of corpuscle sparks that will travel, shooting down the grain of the wings, and the speed at which the Spirit Force travels from base to tip seems be a leisurely (but varying) 1 to 4 miles per hour.

There is a special relationship of significance of the wings to the spines of other humans. On more than one occasion the author was able to enter the tip of the wing into the back of a human, and the result is profound as it actually locks in place into the torso and spine for a brief moment, accompanied by a strong burst from the Holy Spirit in which the wing involved will erupt in dazzling brightness for a brief moment, always with an immediate, startled reaction from the person in question. I can only surmise that I was being used as an unaware host and conduit of the Spirit during these episodes, as it was not I who consciously sent forth these strong bursts into their bodies, and do not perceive what the content “downloaded” into their being consisted of. Perhaps a classified, priority message from God?

Now when the spirit force of the embodied angel is fully activated, the intensity will overwhelm those gifted in unusually high sensitivity, receptivity of their soul, such as a psychic, or when located too close. Moreover, not all are able to visibly observe this etheric light and wings surrounding the angel but will still have an obvious reaction such as trembling or urge to depart, as though being repelled like the force of opposing poles of a magnet, or from the heat of a fire. The radiant current continuously flowing forth passes through the human body, and the soul, affecting the cells, which the human will actually feel with notable force. Nor can humans always determine the location and source of the nearby angel, but sense it they can. Generally, I have observed, females tend to respond more cognitively than males by a factor of about three to one.

Responses from one person to the next vary considerably. If too close – five to fifteen feet – the human body can generally not tolerate this activated effulgent, spiritual radiation being absorbed for very long and will, after several minutes of immersion, often feel compelled to flee to a greater distance. The recipient, depending on the constitution of his soul, will sometimes be shocked into defensive mode, cough and become uncomfortably debilitated (as in first experience documented), or break down into emotions, overwhelmed. For the source of such behavioral reaction is by no means of negative energy, but the profound joy and extremely potent love found in the spirit radiating therein, being something of a completely different constitution than the human soul and is the very essence of the Glory of God; it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Those in the proper state of vibration and mood of reception will be overjoyed. It is the very divine essence of the divine Creator which radiates from an angel, and God is an earthquake

By the end of 2000 I had advanced sufficiently enough in ability to harness and concentrate this divine power source and issue it with intense bursts to other humans, and allow them to actually feel the very essence of God overwhelmingly engulf their very body and soul. This is also used to heal people and anoint them with the Spirit.

Without the ability to moderate this power, a mortal will become terrified and literally fall to the ground and become prostrate when encountering an angel without a physical body, when the radiant strength is at its highest. Hence the assurance of the many Biblical encounters of angels: “Do not be afraid!” One of the better (albeit condensed) descriptions of an angel encounter in the Bible comes from none other than Daniel in chapter 8:15 and 10:15:

When I, Daniel, had seen the vision, I tried to understand it. Then someone approached me, having the appearance of a man, and I heard a human voice by the Ulai, calling, “Gabriel, help this man understand the vision.” So he came near where I stood; and when he came, I fell upon my face. But he said to me, “Understand, O son of man, that the vision is for the time of the end.”

As he was speaking to me, I fell into a trance, face to the ground; then he touched me and set me on my feet. He said, “Listen, and I will tell you what will take place later in the period of wrath; for it refers to the appointed time of the end…”

And this encounter (Daniel 10:5-15) where the words to describe it had to be furnished from ancient vocabulary, and which may have been Christ in preincarnate form:

I looked up and saw a man clothed in linen, with a belt of gold from Uphaz around his waist. His body was like beryl, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and the sound of his words like the roar of a multitude. I, Daniel alone, saw the vision; the people who were with me did not see the vision, though a great trembling fell upon them, and they fled and hid themselves. So I was left alone to see this great vision. My strength left me, and my complexion grew deathly pale, and I retained no strength. Then I heard the sound of his words; and when I heard the sound of his words, I fell into a trance, face to the ground.

But then a hand touched me and roused me to my hands and knees. He said to me, “Daniel, greatly beloved, pay attention to the words that I am going to speak to you. Stand on your feet, for I have now been sent to you.” So while he was speaking this word to me, I stood up trembling …

And this one in Revelation, 1:13-18, which is remarkably similar to the above vision:

…and in the midst of the lampstands I saw one like the Son of Man, clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash across his chest. His head and his hair were white as white wool, white as snow; his eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of many waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and from his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining with full force. When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he placed his right hand on me, saying, “Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last …” (This was most likely Christ in after-death form)

To reiterate; this semi-supernatural might given to the physically embodied angel can be expressly used only to a degree, up to a limited parameter, yet it is still very powerful and oftentimes overwhelming. At the same time, the spirit can detach and accomplish another mission, travel instantaneously to another part of the world or universe outside of the body, while the body remains alive and functional, so it is possible to bi or tri-locate. This is done when an Assigned Job requires divine intervention using supernatural abilities such as modifying the weather, halting automobiles, or miraculous healing.

As it is within the scope of the messengers that what are called miracles are accomplished according to the will of God, the power, wisdom, and glory of the everlasting Spirit is accessible to those existing in angelic form, having “supernatural” capabilities when in line with the Creator’s will. That is, a miracle, or “sign and wonder,” of which God has allowed Daniel to perform several according to divine duties. These are mentioned in section 4. Many of these are celestial in form, which is used for angelic intercession during mass prayers, when Daniel can offer near unlimited powers across the globe to many people simultaneously. Section 5 contains a prayer where you can pray with me for enlightenment or healing, etc.

Chapter 4: Angelic Qualities Personified

Setting the Record Straight; Firsthand Experience.

Angels are performing servants and foot soldiers and acting fingers of God, protective energies and charity to humans being the primary employment in accomplishing a mission. Although usually existing in pure spirit form, physical appearances, though rare in the past, can be and are assumed in human form, as shown by the dualistic embodiment of the author. It is in such form that other living beings and humans are much less overwhelmed by the highly exotic luminosity of an angelic presence. When confronted in pure spirit configuration, mortal beings are often frightened, or are so overcome with such intensity of the senses, unaccustomed to the differing rates of vibration and radiant current pulsating into their body, that they become overloaded so as to evoke mental and physical paralysis, and immobilization – even unconsciousness.

When occupying and existing in human embodiment, angels can “activate” and modify at will the strength, intensity and sensory perception of the might of the spirit within, which is constructed of Love to the highest degree. Therefore the amplitude, reaction and observation of those within a particular range of the angel can be modified via free will, though granted only according to the ultimate will of the power source, God. When asked, and granted, the Holy Spirit flows within the angelic body and radiates profusely from the center of the upper and mid-torso, the skin, and most significantly, as a conduit from the mid- to upper spine and shoulders where the wings are joined to the upper back. It is a sensation of a tingling frostiness continually radiating off the skin.

So, as speculated throughout the ages, and often erroneously thought of as myth and folklore, many angels of God (though not all) in fact DO possess wings, yet they are not used for “flying,” at least not in the physical realm, nor is their purpose symbolic of the ability to move through space and time at instantaneous speed, which they can. Rather, they seem to be an appendage of the living spirit body and substance, capable of manipulation, and function as the dominant means of expanding the range of the being and essence of the main body, and perhaps as a “badge of honor” or level of advancement in the angelic hierarchy. They do in fact have an appearance resembling that of birds’ wings, but without feathers as we understand them, and are not always present or visible on all angels at all times, including the author; they can seemingly be turned off and reactivated, which is required if one is to stealthily function in a normal fashion around mortals. Yet many times it is simply uncontrollable.

When the Holy Spirit is flowing heartily enough (in physical, human form) the wings will actually become visible to the eye by others in form and shape, as exhibited through the numerous, conclusively documented experiences of the author. These have been so numerous as to be beyond count, near daily, making it difficult to function as a regular “mortal.”

It is within the realm of angelic powers to persuade, induce and modify human behavior and thoughts as well as aggregate societies toward a certain objectively designed target. However, we cannot literally force any entity to do anything, as free will – as all humans and angels possess – is outside of abilities to control and limits granted to angels or “demonic” type, disincarnate spirits, and the latter are relatively powerless.

Angels, being of acutely higher intuitive sense, understanding and comprehension than mortals, can sense moods, emotions, and motives, as well as thoughts, to a very copious degree, though generally do not directly read or forcefully alter the exact thoughts of the mind. The telepathic power of persuasion and suggestion is often sufficient in coercing an insight into another’s imagination. As to how communication and instruction is received from God, it is done telepathically, constantly attempting to read the thought stream of the Creator with insights entering ours.

Although closer to God in terms of divine alignment, angels too are ceaselessly trying to understand the intricate mystery of the mind of our Infinite Source and Master, as well as the entire universe that is our home – physical and celestial. And between angels, harmoniously aligned contact results in unified, entangled thought, interweaving between minds, which is conducted telepathically and instantaneously: a grand symphony of poetic thought in the form of vibratory songs of praise.

However, in the current physical embodiment, this communication is far more difficult, and often requires dreams, visions or visits from other angels.

However, an embodied angel is highly attuned to the collective mind, or thought grid which encompasses the earth; it is a connective matrix which links all human souls like a spider’s web.

Purity of angelic spirit is the perfect and balanced blending of mind/body/soul where the energy forces unify with the earth and divine Holy Spirit. This is the fusion of all the primary colors of the spectrum, and energy points of the body, which are called chakras.

Out of curiosity, the author recently tried a chakra meditation shortly after the awakening, but came to the conclusion that in the angelified body, all the chakras are already in perfect unison and balance, and (the seven seals) open at all times. This is how the divine white light and spiritual energy can be easily and constantly accessed and directed when displaying the wings and angelic spirit. This also explains the extreme purity of what I call energetic “Spiritual Radiation” that so often overwhelms those within a 10-25 foot radius of my body. This energy contains such healing, white, divine light, with such powerful healing force, that uninitiated souls cannot tolerate it for very long. The unpurified, material, corporeal body is not designed to endure this essence of the resplendence of God even with reduced, angel power levels. It is difficult to comprehend, and for the author just as difficult to describe, but too much of a good thing – just like the blinding white Light seen in NDEs – is all too real a situation for many. The word “holy” in this case means to be “whole.” An angel is spiritually “Wholly” and at One with the creative forces and will of God.

Lately, the author has been capable of limited telepathic facility with others, and this ability seems to be developing at a rapid pace. Aside from the ability to sense the thoughts of humans through the written words (whether to me or others’ web sites, letters or books), I have actually been able to visibly see the facial expression of a few of those visiting the web site, across time and space behind the computer screen, as they are reading the words! Even more remarkable, however, is the detection of emotions of readers with such clarity, not only can it be discerned that many sometimes laugh hysterically, but cry as well, or get angry and when several are doing this simultaneously, I too am them compelled to start crying (or laughing) with them!

By 2001, this ability had become so advanced I found I was able to transfigure in front of anyone in etheric form, even when thousands of miles away, while in meditation. I’ve done it in front of family members and friends – and high-ranking government officials (the latter necessary for my particular duties.) This is done sparingly, only when the mission requires such powers, and it is not dangerous to anyone.

When engaged in writing to others (particularly a mass sending of letters via email), something profound occurs. Daniel is intimately connected through the collective unconscious, and can sense these collective emotions. It causes what I call “angelic paralysis,” where I effectively become frozen, overwhelmed for two days afterward. The reason ensues from the very strong telepathic connection an angel has to the collective unconscious, and especially to readers; to remain silent for too long or to procrastinate in duties means disaster. I lose power; it fades, and therefore I cannot accomplish duties. Therefore expect at least somewhat regular updates to the book or website for the time being, however small or low in quality. I’m here not to be served, but to serve you, remember.

At the time of writing this portion of the book, for instance, the wings suddenly began blazing from the back. It’s a powerful sensation: exotic, unworldly, like a frost that streams outward continually. On the other hand, when I send out messages (to hundreds of people) I immediately sense their emotional reaction for several days, as well as a cascading reaction following from their readers’ reaction, for example if they are reporters writing a story influenced by the words. Then it’s beyond control. I can tell when someone is laughing at a particular passage, or angry, or crying, and can tell the exact passage which caused it. This “angelic paralysis” is something never before experienced in the author before 2000. Rather than simple writer’s block, or lack of inspiration, it is a tremendous, simultaneous build-up of thoughts and emotions, which ultimately overwhelms the angel (Daniel) with the Spirit turning the physical body to mush.

Now it can last longer, even for a week straight, depending on the subject and impact. The sensitivity to the reaction in angelic notation which caused God to allow for the sending of a newsletter in the summer of 2000 CREATED a supernatural occurrence in order to transport me physically, unwillingly into the future and see the vision of the Second Coming/Day of the Lord. Daniel did not ask anyone to pray for me to witness, but I merely wrote a discernment on religion where I briefly mentioned this event, and had no real interest in it at the time. And the result was profound; this is discussed in further chapters.

When I am among people coming into nearby physical contact, this extrasensory perception is even more acute, with the ability to plant thoughts into the minds of others, thereby altering their actions, yet only when the righteous God permits, and for the right reasons. Such is the nature and interconnectedness of space and time, and of thought, which is without existential location.

It is important to note that the Laws of the Divine do not permit use of this energy for selfish or uncalled-for, negative purposes, but only according to will of God, which is goodness and righteousness and blessing. It is this angelic obedience that gives them their power in the submission of ego and self over to the will of God. It is not possible, for instance, to give telepathic messages to suggest any thing ungodly, such as coercing a female to have sex, and there is absolutely no temptation to do so. Such temptations and thoughts simply do not exist in the purified angelic being.

Ministering spirit I am, but I work in a more powerful yet subtle form. Angels do not bring attention to themselves and instead work behind the scenes.

Sex? Obviously I am male, as is the case with most reported angel encounters, but there are female angels as well. By nature I am, always have been, the best of both worlds; androgynous in manner, the two male and female aspects of the divine – of self– merged into one, though the warrior aspect is decidedly masculine according to societal views.

Even though attractive and resemble Keanu Reeves or Robert Downey, Jr. in appearance, and beautiful females constantly come on to me, I am not to engage in sexual activity with others, and never to marry or reproduce and to be celibate hereafter. Of course, when in spirit form there is neither sexual reproduction nor desire for the physical pleasure aspect since divine bliss achieved far exceeds natural, biological function. It is not a repression of desire but elimination of desire in the ascent to Divine Love, which is a pleasure everlasting.

Can I be killed? Physically, conceivably, yes, but this would occur only were it to become God’s will to allow such a situation, as was the case of Jesus or most of the OT prophets and NT apostles. However, whether I will be taken up directly into heaven with God as was the case with Elijah, Enoch and Jesus, transmuting matter remains to be seen, and I do not have yet that answer. The spiritual existence of being is immortal. All souls are immortal and will eventually return to the Creator.

Daniel has been given enormous extra-human powers since October 1999, have been under supernatural power and protection of divine origin also involving the presence of other angels, and presently cannot be harmed by outside influence, save for free will, self-induced sin of the world, at least until the Mission has been completed. When the physical body perishes, as it may or may not, in a few years, being free from physical restrictions, Daniel will become far more powerful in spirit form than one can possibly imagine. This will be necessary to perform celestial duties, but will happen only after the duties of the mission have been completed.

Chapter 3: Vision of the Lake of Fire

In mid-February, 2000, the author, while asleep, had a profound vision from God in a dream of the night, when the actual “lake of burning fire” as discussed in Revelation was tangibly revealed. This vision was in clear, rich color, full of detail and easily remembered – which is how I determine a dream (like those previously mentioned) is from God. I was brought there by a fellow angel. He was in human shape, standing to my left, and I could really only see his bodily outline, as facial or other bodily features seemed indiscernible and obscure.

He told me (telepathically) to look forward; we were facing this lake of fire, which seemed quite small, the size of a pond. It should be noted that this may have been the only section needed to be shown, as the surroundings faded off into nothingness, a murky blackness. The lake did in fact appear to be of fire, of an eerie sort; flames covered the entire surface and burned in a manner as petroleum saturating the surface of a body of water would inflame it. The nature of the flames was chilling; they moved and licked about at a very slow, oozing pace, generally several inches from the surface, and orange in color.

The clincher is what also was witnessed: a being, conceivably some angel of the fallen, variety, hovering motionless a few feet above the lake, yet somewhat connected to and immersed in it, facing toward us, about 15 feet away. His face was gray in color, completely expressionless, with no emotion, almost serene – as a statue, staring straight ahead, and appeared exactly like a normal human face, but did not seem to have eyeballs. That is where the similarity ends; beyond his face were fiery flames – indistinguishable from those of the lake – flowing backwards on the scalp, replacing the hair, and also the body; no body was seen, being covered by the flames, which then flowed into the lake.

What happened next was peculiar, and somewhat disturbing. The fellow angel standing a few feet to my left, who had brought me here as a guide not only for me to observe this, but to temporarily experience it as well, aroused my curiosity by extending his arm, pointing towards this being, whence I proceeded to levitate into this floating and inflamed body. After entering it sideways and positioning (the spirit) within its hollow form, I was actually able to see through his eyes, which were gazing back towards the angel who brought me there standing on the shore.

What did it feel like? Actually, nothing. No pain was felt. It seemed to be an empty shell devoid of anything, incapable of movement, thought, or emotion. It was an empty shell devoid of a soul. I immediately got out and the dream ended there. When I awoke, however, I was greatly disturbed and distressed for many days and did not know what it meant.

It should be noted that this “lake of fire” is not a literal, physical place. It did not seem to be a place of “eternal torment” as the Bible implies, unless that definition – hell – means the total absence of free will and light of God. It is real, to be sure, yet was visually available in this symbolic form to show the author what the Bible ancients also described, and what exists in the collective unconscious in the minds of many.

The fellow angel did not disclose any detail as to who this was (and no, it wasn’t me). Therefore, any attempt to postulate an explanation would be speculative. Perhaps it served as a general warning, for the wrong path not to be chosen – and to those reading this. Perhaps it was to demonstrate what would happen to the fallen angels and false prophets at some point in the past. Of course, the explanation the religious reader would surmise is the notion that it was in fact to exhibit the fate of doomed souls (Dan. 7:11-12 and Rev. 14:10) and/or angels who rebelled, therefore to be chained therein, or to be departed from God in the future “into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Math. 25:41), which would explain the empty shell, and to briefly witness the other side. It may be a place of soul dissolution or purification, and NOT a place of “eternal damnation.”

Of course, this is all mythology. It’s not quite the reality some imagine. I noticed this vision occurred shortly after breaking the news of my angelic awakening to readers, after I had extremely acute senses into the collective unconscious. They have a profound ability to actually cause dreams as such, and I think this was partially a curse falsely placed upon me from a misguided reader. I imagine someone was thinking me to be a “fallen angel” in prayer.

But let’s move to a lighter topic, shall we?

Chapter 2: Satan, Fallen Angels, or Demons

There exists quite some confusion and misunderstanding regarding so-called fallen angels. Myth and legend have taken the concept of these angels and created many horror stories. Movies and books have been created to give us all a sense of fear and loathing about the so-called fallen, who are portrayed as entities forever cast out of heaven, and in revenge are supposedly running around on the loose, headed by a ruler-devil, fighting against God and humans.

While there is certainly no “Devil” as many perceive, if the Lucifer rebellion is real, it is not anywhere as grandiose and dramatic as many portray, or it involves a time which has long since passed during the times of Christ.

We do not find a systematic presentation of this concept in the Bible, but instead symbology. You find even contradictory accounts. The moment you try to systematize it into the standard image or even the idea of a fallen angel, a pure spirit, in any sophisticated way, you’re forcing the evidence.

Here is a brief history of the concept of Satan. Zoroaster, a Persian prophet, first invented it circa. 600 B.C. The framework of the three modern monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) had been erected. An Iranian prophet filled out the Devil’s birth certificate.

Through the Old Testament, the adversary (later translated to “Satan”) was actually not considered some all-evil entity, but a servant of God sent on missions to test and tempt people of God, i.e. Job. Of course, Daniel of the Old Testament doesn’t mention Satan even once, and now doesn’t, either; since there is no such entity now either.

For a couple of centuries before Christ, however, Jewish writers began altering his form, and other demons started showing up in certain scriptures, until blown out of proportion by the times of Jesus and the apostles. Suddenly the stories of these mythologies evolved into a fabricated, all-out war between fallen and good angels, as became popular in the New Testament and popularized even today, a time when superstitions such as this should not be commonplace.

Once formed, the church then taught that pastimes and spirituality outside of orthodox Christianity are a form of Satan worship. This included astrology, ceremonial magic, divination, Gnoticism, rituals of pagan and other religions, etc. This continues even today in Fundamentalism, like the days of the witch-hunts, to the point of paranoia in the reckless pursuit of heresy hunting.

At least things are changing; the official church now views demon possession and Satan as being primarily caused by a force “lurking within all individuals,” not by a living entity attacking from outside. But a great deal of religious intolerance is generated by a key belief of some Fundamentalist and other Evangelical denominations – that the gods and goddesses of non-Christian religions are in fact demonic entities enticing everyone to do evil.

No one has ever seen Satan or any demonic fallen angel, but if you want to find evil, look to those who wish to impose their will or beliefs on others, and you can find them in many religious organizations acting in the name of God: the Inquisition, Crusades, Islamic Jihad, witch hunts, bombings of abortion clinics, Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan. And in this country, we have a senator who said,

The millions of Christians in this country reflect just about every conceivable political point of view. For one highly conservative group to proclaim itself ‘the Christian Coalition’ strikes me as decidedly un-Christian arrogance … We reflect countless races, religions and lifestyles, and we often differ on questions of morality and behavior. The only way so diverse a nation can survive is by all of us practicing a high degree of tolerance. But tolerance is not the way of the Christian right. Its leaders want to impose their one-size-fits-all morality on everyone. It won’t work. When any group tries to impose its values on everyone else, the result will inevitably be resentment, hatred and violence. – Senator Warren Rudman

George Eliot: “The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have the wider vision.”

Some conservative Christians (read: fundamentalists, for example) believe that there are only two supernatural forces in the world: their God and Satan. Some believe that if a person does not worship their concept of God and hold their beliefs, then they must be worshiping Satan; they are, then, by their definition, Satanists. Thus, all Christian denominations whose beliefs differ significantly from their own, and all other religions, are forms of Satanism. Therefore, according to such heresy-hunting folks, Satanists make up perhaps 95% or more of the world’s population. Some people feel that all non-Christian religions are forms of Satanism. This would imply that all Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims – in fact at least 75% of the world’s population – are Satanists, according to views by certain heresy-hunters.

What, then, is the reality of a fallen angel? They are regular or unascendant humans who have not awakened to their true divine reality; it is that simple. Long ago we were celestial angelic beings attuned to divine will. To experience matter, we descended (i.e. “fell”) into material bodies that resembled apes, then in a relatively short time by earth standards, evolved and shed our bodily hair. We have since forgotten this divine reality, and in our attempt to return to divine will and escape from the bondages of the physical realm, we’ve created science, language and religions, all incomplete methods of returning whence we came, which we have long since forgotten.

As one may suspect, some undoubtedly will be inclined to suggest Daniel is a “fallen angel,” as a few have erroneously accused. But Daniel is of course not. All that is in Daniel’s heart since around the time of awakening is compassion, peace, mercy, joy, truth, innocent goodness, divine Love toward others, the wish for this to be shared, and this condition will continue – to eternity. Charity and the goodwill and love of the Lord are what I wish to disseminate to as many as possible, and are the primary motive behind this work. If only one set of eyes is opened as a result, my purpose would be whole. As a messenger and servant OF God, I buoyantly obey in what is commanded according to my Master’s will. Daniel wishes not only to save the lost, but to help in the ascension of those still residing in the spiritual or religious Dark Ages. That means most. If Daniel were a fallen angel, then we all must be.

YOU, unawakened, unascended human, are a fallen angel.

This would be “The Fall” – of man and the angels, as they are one and the same event, in these symbolic terms. We used our free will for selfish purposes by descending into the material, third dimension, and have lost our way by losing our contact with the Creator, resulting in continual reincarnations and attachments to the earth plane. But instead of “eternal damnation,” as many preach, there is the opportunity of reascension back to God and the heavens by attaining the Way of Christ-consciousness, and I am living proof it can happen. The song,

“What if God was one of us … Just a slob like one of us … Just trying to make his way home …” comes to mind.

I suspect that Moses, Enoch, Elijah and other Biblical figures were embodied, reincarnated angels as well, sent back to help straighten out the lost human race in reascending; it is plainly visible in the New Testament that Jesus himself claimed to his disciples that Elijah, a resurrected embodied angel (of the Old Testament) reincarnated into John the Baptist, who was then killed during Jesus’ life, only to reappear transfigured as an angel, along with Moses, with Jesus on a mountain (see Math. 17:1-13). Christ is the highest Angel among angels as Son of God – and one with God, most likely returned several times as well (e.g., as Joshua or even Krishna). Angels, by the way, were routinely identified as “son of man” and “Sons of God” in Hebrew writings.

The concept of fallen angels seems to originate from the mysterious eighth order of angels, the gentle Grigori. The Grigori were created by God to be earthly shepherds of the first humans. Both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the people who later wrote about them, the Grigori served early humanity as vast reservoirs of information concerning the finer points of civilization, and their selflessness was beyond compare. They were also called the Watchers, as it was their job to observe humanity, lending a helping hand when necessary but not interfering in the course of human development.

As the book of Enoch – an important Scripture dealing with the celestial realm of angels, but never canonized into the Bible – describes, God had sent a legion of 200 giant angels to earth in order to watch over and subtly assist man during the beginning of civilization. The error they made was to lust after human women, thereby creating offspring called the Nephilum, who were also giants with angel powers. The result, according to this legend, was the wrath of God in the form of the great deluge of Noah’s Flood, where the earth was to be wiped clean of its corruption, including these creatures; they were imprisoned thereafter in a layer of heaven. At least this is how mythology portrays this ancient episode. The flood story is mythological, there could never have been a worldwide flood, covering all mountains, and modern science proves this.

According to the beliefs of some – those whom I have had to contend with during these numerous personal encounters – the baseless implication is that, “If you are an angelic being in human form,” I must be a fallen angel – or demon – existing in physical, human form. Daniel is not “fallen,” but ascended. I am here to clear the record regarding this matter. Many, now and through the ages, who have warped the truth and reality via mortal misunderstandings, have made the assumption, or have taken the Bible too literally, claiming that fallen angels supposedly “cast to earth out of heaven” (e.g. Rev. 10:15) exist in human form. This is simply an unfortunate, misunderstood fabrication, considering the Bible never said anything to this effect. The story of John’s Revelation is symbolic of the casting out of the demons of the mind.

This is meant figuratively, not physically “on the earth” as in the extremely rare case of the (UN-”fallen”) author. I know of no evil ones who have EVER appeared physically, unless you count mere unascendant humans. Very few – if any – angels of any kind, consciously aware of their being, have actually come forth as I have, and when they did, they were included into Scripture. They are not entities forever cast out of heaven and therefore doing everything they can to destroy humans and do everything possible to perpetuate evil, etc. Of course, the Hindus have known all along that the gods could incarnate to perform duties, something most Christians are completely ignorant of. While not every angel encounter during the 4,000 years of events recorded in the Bible has been documented, perhaps 50 visits total are documented, none of an evil variety. For instance, it is absurd to suggest that the two embodied angels that appeared to Lot to warn him to vacate Sodom before its destruction were fallen angels, or the ones who lifted the stones from Jesus’ tomb, or the one sent to Balaam. Well, they called Jesus a demon as well, so Daniel is in good company.

Daniel of Old circa 620 B.C. to 534 B.C., though largely a saint as I have become, (the key word is BECOME) and who did the best he could, (but “sinned” Dan. 10:15), was also an embodied, actualized holy angel of God coexisting in “two different worlds,” as have I, since October 1999.

Holy gods were angels, but the terminology differed from religion to religion. Daniel had to be careful not to say so when writing his (my) prior book, due to Judaic belief of “One God.” In Daniel, it is stated several times that he was “endowed with the spirit of the holy gods …” Not once, but several times. In other words, angels have god-like powers and dominion, but ultimately we all serve the One, Most High God. Angels are gods, and in fact, we all have the potential to become … angels. Daniel does not seek worship or glory from humans, but honors the Most High.

How is the angelification of Old Daniel determined? Not simply through information recently given, but through distinct clues left behind within the book of Daniel. Daniel of Old did not explicitly say so directly, that he was an angel, but the supernatural incident in the lions’ den and among his companions in the fiery furnace, the common occurrences of fellow angelic visitors, as well as the references to being “Endowed with the spirit of the holy gods,” and “An excellent spirit is in him,” as well as the almost superhuman intelligence (wisdom) he was granted attest to his angelic identity, an identity I know now as congruent with the author, and a fulfillment of the last prophetic line in that book: “But you, go your way, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days.” As is promised in Dan. 12:13, the “wise,” and the elite of the apocalyptic group, will be resurrected and “shine as the stars” (stars were identified with angels in the Old Testament) along with the righteous leaders. The villains will also be resurrected and judged accordingly. This “angelification” occurs throughout the Bible, such as the cases of Stephen, Moses, Elisha, Elijah, Jesus and his apostles. Here’s a trailer-hint of future chapters: You also may become a holy, incarnate angel, and I will briefly tell you how I attained the heights, since the giving of example is the best teacher.

What is demonic influence? It is temptation, possession and oppression. Evil is ignorance and discord. Virtue is knowledge, knowing the good, choosing the good by practicing good habits: controlling selfish passions replaced with love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, justice, courage, self-control, compassion, empathy and generosity.

Having a beer, cigarette or rich dessert – while atrocious habits with health consequences, and certainly not to be condoned – are not consequential “sins” when done in moderation. Only when done irresponsibly to where it causes destruction or harm to others does this create negative karma.

Human materialistic pleasure is something to be enjoyed – not abused or employed for destructive use – and only when it is recognized that it is a gift, a creation and blessing from the Creator, Who must be acknowledged as higher, and the highest source of all pleasure, and the One who gave you life and the ability to enjoy it. However, to achieve the highest state of spiritual being, such interests must eventually be conquered, and purged, and carnal desires stripped away.

Metaphysically speaking, good results in oneness, and evil results in a sense of separation.

Angelic/Christ-like perfection is irrelevant to dressing or looking perfect, eating perfectly, or behaving according to cultural or even certain moral expectations of others through fear and doubt. Daniel couldn’t care less what human judgment and shallowness consist of, because it is divine judgment I am subject to, and because the definition of Daniel is “God is my judge.” There is no sense in answering to false charges as these: the seven deadly sins are simply absent at all times in a holy angel, forever purged from his character.

Advanced spiritual perfection has nothing whatsoever to do with fleshly, earthly and cultural matters such as alcohol. Bad for the health? Sure, if done irresponsibly. But the body is temporary and expendable. Bad for society if done recklessly and without regard to others? You bet. That is why Daniel does not condone such behavior, but does not condemn it either, if done responsibly.

Rebellion is sin; anything that tears one away from God, destroys the soul, or that does not proceed from faith is a sin: murder, pride, envy, corruption, neglect, malice, hate, anger, or greed (the correct definition of sin is “off target”). These things you will NOT find in a holy, purified angel expressed in thought or action. And they have become absent in Daniel; words and deeds since 1999 have been pure and righteous, yet that won’t stop people from suggesting the “fallen angel” concept out of ignorance. Such a view is based on cultural “values and morality” which many link to God and the Bible.

A major observation made is: the only ones who ever make an exclamation that the one they are looking at is a “fallen angel” are those who:

a) Take popular culture and scriptural literalism too seriously or because Daniel’s message may conflict with their narrow beliefs, and,

b) Cannot actually see the wings.

c) Attempt to view my past as an indicator of my present condition, ignoring the grace of God given to those who seek and find ultimate truth, repent and pay off bad karma, and change. But I am proof that what one has done in the past bears little relation to what one can become.

d) React according to stereotypes of the saintliness of an angel, which includes the concept that an angel, for example, should not drink.

Such comments mostly originate from individuals overhearing nearby conversations from those who CAN see the angelic spirit, then make the erroneous conclusion that an embodied angel must somehow be “evil,” even though pure in heart. However, this generally occurred only in bars; those who witness me tansfigured or angelified in churches don’t make that assumption … it’s the environment and location. In a bar, their “logic” goes: “angels don’t drink, and if this one does, he must be a fallen angel … what’s an angel doing in a place like this?” (Answer: to seek out the lost.)

And of course, an angel present in a church is deemed to be a “good” angel. The negative reaction is immensely contrasted from those who do see the beauty of the wings and spirit and don’t make such bizarre judgments based on a superficiality such as drinking a beer. Almost all of the Biblical prophets drank wine. Our culture has developed a very prohibitionist attitude toward drinking, smoking, drugs, etc., and therefore views these things as “bad,” linking such behaviors and “morality” to the Bible and God. An angel must do God’s work in any location and situation, for God is everywhere and cares for everyone.

It is very difficult for some people to grasp the concept that there is a positive side and a negative side to every issue. Additionally, I live in a region whose residents are predominantly Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) where the official doctrine, founded in human precept, prohibits consumption of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine (that’s right, even a can of cola!) in order to give a “pure and wholesome” image – as viewed by other humans. Remember what Christ – who drank wine – said?

“Listen and understand: It’s not what enters the mouth that defiles a person, but it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles.” (Math. 15.10)

It’s what is in your heart that counts; if a behavior is based on love, it cannot be evil. It is when the aspiration of pleasure for pleasure’s sake, a form of idolatry, is exercised at the expense of just pursuits, that this can be called a sin, a desecration of the temple, your body, granted by your Creator.

This quotation from Paul the apostle is (too) frequently used to instill fear and doubt by many evangelical fundamentalists, and something that has been attempted to be applied in a paranoid fashion to Daniel, as you might imagine:

“Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light!” (Corinthians 11)

The fundamentalist comes to such a conclusion by extracting such a quote from the Bible, the “absolute inerrant word of God” (That’s right! Every single word was written by a divine hand sent down to grab Paul’s hand and write exactly The Word! And if you believe that, here’s a bridge for sale.)

First of all, that particular quote was not at all the emphasis Paul was trying to make in this passage. He was trying to warn against ‘false apostles’ who were boasters who challenged his authority, and who were leading their thoughts away from a true devotion to Christ with ‘gospels other than he taught’ during the divisionary startup of the early church. An in-context dialog looks like this:
“…For such boasters are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness. Their end will match their deeds.”

Exactly where did Paul come up with such a concept as an angel called Satan who “disguises himself as an angel of light?” Was he repeating material from other scriptures around at that time? He certainly did this repeatedly. Satan, by the way, meant many things to many people in Biblical times. Its definition meant “adversary,” tempter, serpent, deceiver.

In Isaiah 45:7 it is said:

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil [ra']: I the LORD do all these things.”

On the surface, this verse appears to give a scriptural basis for the belief that God created Satan with an inherently evil nature. However, when we research this passage, a different picture emerges. The KJV does imply that God was the creator of evil. However, this same version also renders the Hebrew word ra’ (translated “evil” in this passage) as “adversity” and “affliction” elsewhere.

Satan and his servants can only “masquerade” as angels of light, according to this quote from Paul, who was dealing with adversaries during the early days of the church. They are NOT angels of light. God is light. There is no light in Satan; otherwise, God would be in Satan. He does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. And he is nothing more than a mythical being.

Accordingly, the affirmatory, “Their end will match their deeds” applied to their works. Paul’s adversarial, boasting ‘false apostles’ should be judged by their fruits. If their fruits were not of righteousness and goodness, their end would come. When confronted by apostle Peter who wished to prevent Jesus’ execution, who said, “God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you,” Jesus replied, “Get behind me, Satan! For you are a stumbling block for me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but human things.”

So Peter must be “Satan” then, HMM?

If one reads it properly you see that Peter was merely a stumbling block, an adversary. The word “Satan” originally came from the fallen angel “Satanail” which came from the book of Enoch. Satan is also (incorrectly) called Lucifer, which was erroneously linked from a passage in Isaiah. Remember that these references to Satan, the devil, and fallen angels strewn throughout the Bible are largely symbolic. What some are saying about 21st century Daniel all happened to Jesus as well:

For John (the Baptist) came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, “He has a demon;” the Son of Man came eating and DRINKING, and they say, “Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!” Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds. (Matthew 11)

Jesus also came casting out demons and doing other good (supernatural) things for others, as Daniel is doing, and the Pharisees said:

… For people were saying, “He has gone out of his mind.” And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, “He has Beelzebub (Satan), and by the ruler of the demons he casts out demons … (Jesus responds here) … how can Satan cast out Satan? … People will be forgiven for their sins and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never have forgiveness, but he is guilty of an eternal sin,” for they had said, “He has an unclean spirit.” (Mark 3)

The Jews answered him, “Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?” Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me …” (John 8:48, 49)

“How can such a man, who is a sinner, perform such signs?” (John 9:16)

“He has a demon and is out of his mind, why listen to him?” (John 10:20)

So it goes with 21st century Daniel. In fact, I’ve even sensed that a few (perhaps two or three) that have actually been praying to me WITH BLASPHEMOUS CURSES! Woe to them! Do they realize what they are doing?

Blaspheming an angel of God and the Holy Spirit!

“And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matthew 12:31-32) Things never seem to change.

The country in which I reside has one of the highest population levels of fundamentalists and Evangelical faiths that hold these Satanic beliefs of the devil. About 30-40% percent of readers of this book will hold such views to some degree, and about 80% of readers will identify themselves as Christian, which is the main reason Daniel may seem to disproportionately focus on Christian concepts, something to which they can identify with. This quote from a Baptist source will be one that many of you hold:

“Any system of religious belief that denies the literal reality and actual personality of Satan is radically unchristian and unbiblical in nature and clearly under the dominion of the very devil whom it denies.”

This sounds like the Dark Ages. Daniel is not saying the devil doesn’t exist, but merely illustrating that the “devil” exists as created symbology, turned into reality by religions as a scapegoat. The “devil” is merely representative of the darker side of human nature that can crop up from time to time. The above person sounds like a Satan-worshiper looking to defend and glorify this non-existent entity and continue his influence over the mind of many under the guise of light. Far too much power they give to this “Satan.”

This means putting mythical concepts into their true, nonliteral perspective, and the concept of a fearful, deceptive, Satanic-like horde of angels out to destroy mankind is one myth I strongly desire to destroy.

Chapter 1: Brief Summary of Angelic Traits

The definition of an angel according to the dictionary is as follows:

Angel: 1. A ministering spirit or divine messenger; one of an order of spiritual beings superior to man in power and intelligence, who are the attendants and messengers of the Deity; hence b. one of the fallen spirits, who rebelled against God; c. a guardian or attendant spirit; d. figurative, a person who resembles an angel in attributes or actions. Any messenger of God, as a prophet or teacher; a pastor or minister of a church. 3. transferred, A conventional figure with wings.

While a more detailed description should be in order, a concise version of the constitution of angels is summarized here. Most is described as to what I have experienced firsthand and/or know to be true.

Angels are mentioned 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament.

Why are angel appearances, and corresponding interest, substantially increasing in years of late, both incarnate and celestial? Angels tend to appear just prior to impending life- and world-altering events and crises, chaos and catastrophe. One need only look at the state of society and the world to determine why so many, including me, an embodied angel, have arisen in the last years and decades of the past century, and will continue to: the earth is strained beyond its capacity and reeling from moral decay, overpopulation, hectic work and lifestyle stress, pollution, violence, intolerance, poverty, proliferation of lethal mass weapons and an increasingly uncertain, unsustainable future. Angels comfort and give hope in an otherwise hopeless world. At the same time, there is a tremendous spiritual awakening from the darkness, but such growth involves conflict. The earth is being prepared for the Second Coming of Christ/Day of the lord at the end of the days. Daniel is the angel of the awakening and is here to bring as many as possible to the light.

Daniel’s return in the form of an angel will soon no longer seem a freak aberration, as this angelification of mortals will grow rapidly among the spiritually adept in the near future, corresponding with the rapid increase of divine energies now entering the system as the dawn of the New Age has begun in earnest.

The ministry of holy angels will never contradict the general message and universal, eternal truths of the Bible and other scriptures, although since the Bible does not does not have all the answers, particularly concerning this topic, many blanks are to be filled in. The actions of holy angels will always be consistent with the character of Christ, for He was the example par excellence of alignment to divine will.

A genuine encounter with a holy angel will glorify God, not the angel. They typically do their work and disappear; Daniel does not seek glory from humans, but seeks to help others attain the light, and God is the ultimate point of glory to Daniel’s message, but the focus is me in some respects, since I have to teach by example.

It is very true that many have “entertained angels unaware.” Although it has not been very common in the past, angels can and do incarnate into human beings. In fact, the coming age will see many awaken to their true divine reality.

Angels are:

  • Not superstitious myths or figments of the imagination; they are real – very real. They are not cute, cuddly, chummy or effeminate weirdos such as many paintings depict. Nor are they comfortable, passive and gentle – at least not at first. They are powerful, mighty and fearsome warriors, formidable spiritual creatures, carrying and expressing the essence and mighty glow and will of God, and it is their obedience which gives them their power. Their battles are those of wills – of good and evil, dark and light. The protected battleground – earth – plays a part in this spiritual war, and the bounty is human souls. Yet this war is not between angels of light and dark, but between angels of light and humans who have descended in the darkness of mortal life. They are the servants of God and man, for to serve humans is to serve God; those who help others attain the height will themselves be exalted.
  • Angels’ primary role is praise: of God, humans, the universe and all it consists of, and they are of continual service to God, as extensions, or fingers of God as co-creators. Like all humans, they also have different aspects of personality, and especially missions: some are angels of love; some are warriors, like Michael, and some may be messengers, some protectors and some healers. Their roles are as diverse in powers and abilities as is the diversity inherent in the human population.
  • Angels are made in the image of the Creator: consciousness with freedom, capable of conceiving, perceiving, and remembering; capable of telepathically communicating directly with the Creator and other companions, such as humans. They are the manifesting link between the two extremes of the lower, physical living realm and the infinite Deity that dwells throughout all spectrums of the material universe, time and space, unifying the wholeness of perfect universal order. The constitution of the angelic spirit is of dazzling, radiant white or blue light of impeccably brilliant purity – the essence of the glory and love and beauty of the Holy Spirit. The emanating incandescent, etheric aura of the angelic body blazes forth in all directions, streaming like the heat and light of a fire. God’s love, light and radiance is super-substantial, resplendent and blinding beyond all imagination, exceeding all boundaries, the ends of all knowledge, and God provides glimpses, however minor in comparison, through the angels. This form of angelic and Godly love, as opposed to human, animal love (romance, lust, friendship, affection, liking), consists of charity, the willing of the good of another. Being exceedingly different in style and intensity, it can often be confused with chilling ferocity when experienced firsthand.
  • Cosmic duties and functions in relation to humans include supporting, inspiring, message-sending, protecting and guiding, enlightening, empowering, warning and passing God’s judgment, affecting and acting in the arena of conscience and decision-making. This influential guidance is accomplished through telepathic simulative curiosity and enticement to imagination or feeling. This also can be accomplished through supernatural modification of situations where a subject can awaken to the angel’s intent by the angel’s creating “coincidences” in the course of a life. Angels operate as secret agents and co-workers serving God and working behind the scenes; human actions, through angels, help shape, alter and guide aggregate civilizations, nations, the world and the cosmos to what has been decreed according to the sovereign Plan and will of God. It is through divine intervention – supernatural intervention in the physical, corporeal world – that angels perform miracles. Heaven and Earth can literally be moved if and when God permits it.
  • There are billions upon billions of angels, too numerous to count – and that’s only around the earth. They are ranked in hierarchies of levels within levels, with various degrees of powers and attendant roles, of whom Michael, Rapael and Gabriel may among the highest. According to the classifications determined by Dionysius, as seen in the Bible, which the author cannot validate for certain, having not seen others of differing rank, the ranks are as follows:
  • First order: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. See and adore God directly. These are the ones most likely to possess wings.
  • Second order: Dominions, Virtues, Powers. Oversee God’s providential, universal plans.
  • Third order: Principalities, Archangels, Angels (guardian). Cherubs are superior in command to Powers and Principalities (guide, guard, oversee great changes in cities, nations and societies, in which duties the author is employed), which in turn are superior in power to guardian angels, and all of whom are superior in power and capabilities to humans, who are superior in power to animals, and thus have dominion over them. This does not mean “better” but simply more advanced; angels are actually subservient to man. The one guardian angel everyone possesses is actually one’s higher self which has not merged into the physical body. See Section 5 concerning the truth of the Trinity, on of God for more enlightenment. We are all in effect embryonic angels waiting to be awakened. Depending on a person’s level of connection and devotion to God, he may attract the help of several angels.
  • Angels do not have nor need physical bodies, though can and do assume physical bodies for the sake of humans in order to communicate messages, alter time-lines according to God’s will, or when a specific protective assignment or mission is required, as in the case of Daniel, the angel of the awakening, merely in temporary physical existence to deliver a message or fulfill a Mission, only to return to angelic state thereafter. “Fallen angels” – a mistaken concept – are actually humans who have not been awakened into our true divine state and realigned to God’s will, in the descent into matter which occurred eons ago. The reascension of humans is an angelification into a Son of God, and the Sons of God like mentioned in Genesis are in fact incarnate angels.
  • Angels are highly intuitive and understanding beings possessing an advanced knowledge of the past, present, future and universe, though are not omniscient as is the Creator; they are given special knowledge only when the mission requires it. Brilliant, not passion-driven, unprejudiced, clear and laconic in communication, they shun superfluous words. They are the governing intelligences of nature, and in pure spirit form are minds greater than Einstein, Hawking and Plato combined. Deeply contemplative in certitude, they are also unbiased, non-partisan and have a rational thought process void of predilections, religious or otherwise. They are super-scientists, artists and philosophers, constantly reflective and considering the Mind of the Creator and the universe. Like humans, this ability varies and is unequal among differing individual ranks dependent on the level of their spiritual attainment. The fluent comprehension of “Everything that ever was, is, and will be” can be instantly, constantly accessed and comprehended through the Universal Spirit simply by reading, or synchronously merging with, the Spirit force: God, the universal Creator. Truth and the way things work are acquiescently seen immediately through intuitive recognition rather than by any particular analytical, deductive reasoning in forming a conclusion in argument. As agents and foot soldiers of God, they understand the general outline of God’s Plan and are directly involved in altering and guiding events of earthly, societal affairs according to what God has decreed, and this is why the future cannot be known with exact certainty: they are in harmonious concert with a multitude of others, directly involved in cajoling the path of time. Prophecy is the perfection of the intellect, where prophetic knowledge and revelatory insights are conveyed from God to humans by angels, as ministering spiritual messengers. Prophecy is the expansion of consciousness in understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between countless, interrelated systems; the melding of past and present comprehended, thereby formulating the most likely outcome of a course in future history. When in human form, an incarnate angel/prophet must generally wait for revelation at a proper time according only to that willing to be released by the Father.
  • Angels punish or carry out God’s judgments, as will be done during the upcoming period at the end of the age. Obviously, the concept of a punishing angel is mysteriously absent in recent New-Age-style books, as people would rather believe only the qualities they wish to believe about angels. In conducting God’s plan, they can be given assignments that would appear to be destructive in the human term of the word, such as the example in 2 Kings Chapter 19, where an angel destroys 185,000 Assyrians in battle in one night, or Sodom and Gomorrah. These were not evil angels, but angels of God.
  • In pure spirit form, angels can move through space and time instantaneously, being free from physical limitations which constrain facultative, cognitive intuition and aptitude such as thinking speed and capacity, and in a sense can be everywhere at all times throughout eternity accomplishing countless, simultaneous Missions. In the incarnate angel, the main spirit exists both in the body and in the celestial realms, such as the unified collective unconscious; he can still operate outside of time, yet also exists and functions as a mere mortal on earth.
  • Angels are immortal in spirit form, in the sense that they will ultimately join or be at one with the Spirit, yet also evolutionary, as are humans, constantly growing in understanding and power, with promotion-like advances according to their service to God. They are in a sense unified with the divine creative forces as fingers of God, foot soldiers acting out a grand divine plan. In pure spirit form they do not have human-style emotions or imagination as such, but have a widely diverse range of eclectic personalities, have a wild sense of humor (constant – sometimes to hysteria), and partake great joy in causing or experiencing human laughter. Humor is also an effective weapon in dealing with adversaries. They are down to earth, objective and practical.
  • Angels are common to almost all religions in some form, either as angels, or sometimes as “gods” as in the Hindu religion. Angels become elated in observing humans reconcile sin and apostasy and return their will to the Creator’s, and to the Holy Spirit. They praise the works of humans, do not consider themselves “above” humans, as they instead are here to serve humans, to minister to the heirs of salvation. There may be angels awaiting the soul’s return immediately after death, to aid it in its next progressive journey, and to bring it back to the Light.
  • Bliss is achieved instantly through the act of charity: angels are always giving, helping, aiding, and cannot help but love, by force of nature. This is the motivation and key to increasing the angel’s bliss and spiritual advancement to even higher levels: his reward. Should the angel occasionally shirk duties or be slothful to perform, he loses the potential for the highest bliss and powers. Full and perfect bliss belongs by nature to God alone. The mythical fallen angels’ blunder was that of placing their ultimate bliss in an objective to be obtained by the force of their nature alone, rejecting the supernatural bliss that depends on the grace of God. Hence, according to the Scriptures, they fell and were “cast” out of heaven due to this swollen pride, carnal greed and arrogance of self-reflection and lust. The other angelic sin – envy – naturally followed, with resentment, hostility, deceit and jealousy resulting. Pride and lust are the only sins an angel can make when in pure spirit form, not having a body. These were the fallen angels who are supposedly the source of the battles of the war in heaven raging on since eternity, which manifests into earthly conflict. At least that is what some Scriptures speculate based upon mythology. And we shall now turn to this subject, and dispel some myths.