Our New Look and Feel Has Arrived

Thank you for visiting the Final Book of Daniel. We are happy that you could join our community of like-minded explorers of consciousness. Within this community, you will feel a strong bond to others that with similar beliefs about the real nature of our existence. Death is an illusion; we all know it, we just have forgotten what we are aware. This process has happened so that we can fully explore our lives from a fresh perspective. Imagine how a child feels when they are seeing a beautiful forest or a mountain for the first time. We are that child experiencing life on a day-to-day basis. It’s just too easy to forget all of the blessings and grace of the Lord. Our website will be your daily reminder of who you are and the beautiful gifts that you possess as being one of God’s children.

Enjoy browsing the site and reading the future content from some of our authors. We promise to deliver you new ideas that will help you to think in different ways that are often contrary to mainstream society, but infinitely better for the development of your soul. We are here to show you a new way of living and seeing the grace of God. To understand your life, you must understand the process of death. You must comprehend the illusion for exactly what it is. Feel the strength of your existence and know that God is on your side at all times.