A Deeper Examination of Dying: Should We Fear It?

For those who have followed the path laid out by the church fathers, the life after death rewards ends with being able to enjoy the other side of the pearly gates. Some branches teach that you will go there directly after death while others explain that a waiting period takes place before the saved members of humanity will heavenly feast. In either case, what awaits non-believers is not so pleasant. Though some of the faiths state that the non-believers will merely perish after the final judgment, others indicate that their souls must pay the eternal price.

Other belief systems are not addressed here that provide different avenues of thought related to what happens to your body after you die. In addition to the major religions of the world, you can find indigenous tribes who have some fascinating views of their own. For example, there is an aboriginal tribe that believes in a dream time and has a separate viewpoint from most regarding the time on earth and what awaits humanity on the other side.

In addition to the ideas of what happens to each upon their demise is the concept of humanity as a whole and where the species is going. Is this just part of a more complex evolutionary cycle in which the planet earth will no longer be needed one day because humanity has grown beyond the physical limitations? Perhaps those that have already departed are already existing on a higher plane. If so, can they see what is happening right now? Are they able to exert any control over the physical world once they are no longer a part of it?

Christians and non-Christians alike often believe that departed loved ones are looking down on them and offering protection or approval as they go through life. Are these the imaginations of hopeful people or are they connecting with the people who have passed to the other side and feeling their blessings upon them?

Throughout the inhabited regions of the world, all of the humankind has some belief system that explains what happens to the spirit once the body has died. Although you will discover incredible differences with these avenues of spiritual and religious teachings, there are also threads of similarity, including this one. That would indicate that there is some truth in the afterlife, though nobody can tell us exactly how that all works out in the real world.

You can find out more about life after death by researching well-written books on the matter. Check out your public library or see what e-books you can find. If you have a store in your area that sells spiritual goods, you might be able to inquire about useful reference materials to get you started down the right path. They might carry candles, incense and other items that can help you to connect with this aspect of your being and the spiritual part of the world.

As you engage in your spiritual quest for understanding, surround yourself with other open-minded individuals. Take the time to have conversations and meaningful exchanges where you can expand your horizons and learn to be still at the same time. By using the various tools at your disposal to enhance your spirituality, you should be able to reach your understanding of these vital life concepts. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pressure yourself into moving too quickly through your journey. Remember that it is a process without a final destination. It is your job to enjoy the ride of exploration and life as long as you have the gift to enjoy.

Life after death is an essential topic for people to explore. Take the time to learn about the various views on the matter so that you can increase your understanding of what happens to the human spirit once the body has ceased to function. The life essence that is in each of us continues beyond this form, even if we don’t all agree on the fine details!