The Reality of Death

For a long time, the most common belief systems in the country revolved around monotheism, but that is no longer the case. Today a growing number of people are exploring other religious and spiritual belief systems to better understand themselves and the world as a whole. One aspect of spirituality that is interesting to study is the beliefs regarding what happens once the physical body of a person dies. Even those who don’t profess a particular belief system can have encounters that bring them close to death and provide them with new insight into the spiritual realm.

Countless people have had near-death experiences in which their heart stops beating for some length of time before resuscitation efforts are effective. These are present in various faiths in hospitals across the country. Medical reports correlate with the stories people give of what they experience during this interlude between death and what awaits after death.

Among the things that these folks report is the ability to look down and see their physical body along with the other people and medical equipment in the room. They can watch the medical team use CPR or whatever different methods are necessary to restore life in their bodies. However, rather than panicking during the episode, the people report feeling disconnected and at peace with themselves and what is happening.

The other reports associated with these near death experiences involves the person seeing a bright light that draws them towards it. As with the different types of visions, these folks do not experience any unpleasant feelings associated with being disconnected from their physical bodies. In both cases, the experience ceases when the heartbeat resumes.

One of the reasons that this form of experience is of so much interest to researchers is that it happens with people of varying religious and spiritual beliefs, including those who were complete non-believers before the encounter. However, when it does happen to folks, they often begin to see life in a whole new way and develop some form of spirituality that is related to their experiences and what they had learned as a result. For instance, they might realize that they have been wasting too much time and energy on a particular matter that is not that important.

Reincarnation is another school of thought that hails from the East. Buddhism and Hinduism both teach about forms of rebirth, and it is an integral part of both religions. While the belief systems vary in many regards, the essence is that your life energy or spirit will return after your physical body dies. The new form that it takes will depend on the life that you have led in a current way. This arrangement means that every choice that you make has much more pressing long-term consequences than what happens in this life. For that reason, and others, folks that believe their spiritual essence will often be reincarnated strive to lead experiences that will help them to grow rather than choosing negative behaviors.