20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (2024)

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which is a great excuse to plan an adorable party with the kiddies! Whether you're a parent, teacher, or party planner, hosting a Valentine’s Day party for kids will create a memorable experience and give long lasting memories they’ll cherish forever. From pink and red treats to Cupid-approved games and entertainment, this is the ultimate guide filled with special Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids.


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Here are 20 Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids that everyone will love.

Valentine’s Day Games and Crafts

Cupcake Decorating

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (1)Photo: MaeManee/shutterstock.com

If you’re searching for Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids, a cupcake decorating station will be a sweet addition to the festivities. Keep things simple by whipping up a few boxes of your favorite cupcake mix before the party starts so the littles can get to decorating. Include frosting, piping bags, and plenty of red and pink sprinkles for everyone to create their own special treat. You can even get cupcake containers for guests to bring their creations home.

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (2)

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like X’s and O’s or hugs and kisses! This giant game of tic tac toe from Oh Happy Day is an adorable and simple party game to put together. It also makes a perfect decoration for the month of February.

Valentine Cards

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (3)

Break out the construction paper, glue, and tons of glitter, because Valentine’s Day cards are essential when hosting a party. Find inspiration from Red Ted Art with this fun heart pop up card. Send these little works of art in the mail to classmates, friends, and family for a special surprise. You can also download our free Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds that you can print out for valentines.

Friendship Bracelet Making Station

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (4)Photo: Arlette Lopez/shutterstock.com

Friendship bracelets are all the rage recently, thanks Taylor Swift! All you’ll need for this Valentine’s Day party activity are colorful beads and stretchy bracelet string, that's it! The littles can create special accessories with different designs and phrases that they can wear even after the party is over.

Cupid’s Arrow Balloon Pop

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (5)

Cupid is known for his famous arrows that make people fall in love. This festive balloon pop from Handmade Charlotte is an adorable activity for you and your kids to play together. Use this craft idea to see how good your aim is.

Valentine’s Day Card Game

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (6)

If you like playing Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, you and your kids will love playing this family-friendly Valentine’s Day version. Check out Play Party Plan for this set of free printable Valentine’s Day playing cards. Fill in the blank with holiday themed cards for a silly game everyone will enjoy.

Invite a Special Guest

Animals for Parties

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (7)Vendor: Gabi’s Backyard Adventures

Are your little ones and their friends animal lovers? Bring the excitement of the animal kingdom into your home for an extra special Valentine’s Day party idea for kids! The Bash has talented vendors that are experts with wildlife so people can see and learn about their favorite animals.

Find Animals for Parties


20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (8)Vendor: Ben Nemzer

Amaze your children with a special magic act for a fun Valentine’s Day party idea. Browse a list of local magicians to find the perfect one for your child and their friends to enjoy. Want to make your kids laugh? There are even comedic magicians available for an even more memorable experience.

Pro Tip: When you book through The Bash, you can communicate with vendors directly. Talk to different magicians and see if they can teach a few simple magic tricks!

Find a Magician

Costumed Character

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (9)Vendor: LOL Costume and Entertainment

Make your little one feel extra special this Valentine’s Day by inviting their favorite character over for a fun playdate or even a story hour. The Bash has talented vendors that specialize in visits as princesses, super heroes, cartoon characters, and much more. Surprise the kiddos at their Valentine’s Day party with this extra special detail.

Find Costumed Characters


20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (10)Vendor: The Caricature Entertainment

Caricaturists are one of the most popular vendors for events of all kinds, and the kids are sure to love this at their Valentine’s Day party. These custom drawings are a fun activity for guests of all ages and can also act as a party favor too.

Find Caricaturists

Balloon Twister

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (11)Vendor: Kids Party Balloonists

What child doesn’t love getting a special balloon creation? Bring the excitement of this classic carnival activity to your kids Valentine’s Day party by booking a professional balloon twister on The Bash. These event experts can create everything from balloon hearts to love bugs, and of course your child’s favorite animal.

Find Balloon Twisters

Photo Booth

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (12)Vendor: Your Magical Party, INC

Capture all of the memories from the kids Valentine’s Day party with the magic of a photo booth. The littles will enjoy dressing up with silly props and accessories in front of a pink and red backdrop to snap shots with their friends. Plus, they’ll be able to get print outs or digital downloads to take home and have for years to come.

Find Photo Booths

‘Hearty’ Snacks and Drinks

Heart Pizza

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (13)

Pizza is always a party favorite, which obviously means that this special heart shaped pizza from Lil Luna will be a hit for a Valentine’s Day party for kids. Get creative with different toppings and sauces for a completely custom meal at this kids Valentine’s Day party!

Red Velvet Cake Balls

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (14)

No party is complete without dessert, and you can never have too many treats on the sweetest day of the year. These red velvet cake balls from Chocolate with Grace can also double as a party activity!

Love Potion Punch

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (15)Photo: Africa Studio/shuterstock.com

A special drink is a must for a kids Valentine’s Day party! Combine equal parts cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and chilled lemon lime soda into a large punch bowl. Next, add raspberry sherbert or sorbet and heart shaped ice cubes to give it a lovely pink tint while chilling it down. Add fresh raspberries and strawberries for garnish and serve with a heart shaped twisty straw!

Heart Sandwiches

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (16)Photo: MShev/shutterstock.com

Whip up your kiddo's favorite sandwich recipe like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or grilled cheese. Simply take a heart shaped cookie cutter to transform these sandwiches into a lovely Valentine’s Day kids party food. Sometimes the best party ideas are the most simple!

Heart-Shaped Rock Candy

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (17)

Can we all agree that one of the best parts about Valentine’s Day is the candy?! Forget the generic conversation hearts, this fun recipe from Powerful Mothering has step-by-step instructions on how to make homemade rock candy hearts. This is a treat everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Cupid Chow

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (18)

This festive spin on puppy chow is a simple yet delicious mix of cereal and candy, making the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. This red and pink snack will be a great addition to your child’s Valentine’s Day party theme. Visit Crafty morning for the full recipe.

Sweet Theme Ideas

Valentine’s Tea Party

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (19)Photo: Tanja Nikolaenko/shutterstock.com

Themes always make an event more special, so consider hosting a lovely tea party for the littles this year. Encourage guests to bring their favorite stuffed animal or doll to be their plus one, set up a long table with the proper tea party place settings, and serve all the classic tea treats like finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, and a variety of juice for guests to sip on. For decor, you can stick with the pink and red color scheme for Valentine’s Day, or you can opt for a floral Bridgerton style the kiddos will love!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (20)Photo: Prostock-studio/shutterstock.com

Is there a sweeter kids party theme than candy? Take inspiration from all things sugar and sweet and dive into the magical world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for this Valentine’s Day party. From cotton candy mocktails and Oompa-Loompa tater tots, to a golden ticket scavenger hunt and Fizzy Lifting bounce house, this will make an extremely memorable kids Valentine’s Day party idea.

Find more Valentine’s Day party ideas on The Bash.

20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (2024)
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